MY STORY | Christian Duran


In 2020, I started with an idea in mind- wanting to share my vision with the world. 

Well, it has been a long process over the years…

I have always struggled with school, growing up with severe dyslexia along with a processing disorder. So finding my “light to shine” was crucial! 

As a timid child, my parents had to find ways for me to release the frustration and energy I was holding onto. I was enrolled in “mini-musicals” just 15 minutes away from Winters, and at that moment we all knew I was born to perform and share my voice.

While “mini” musicals soon evolved into full swing performing, I discovered my school choir and was gratefully offered the opportunity to travel to Disneyland to perform a few times, as well as many community events as well! 

As my artistic taste was slowly evolving, photography, fashion, and design caught my eye. In 2016, I started an additional Instagram to post my photography, and within the year I had my first client! 

In 2019, I started studying classical vocal music, as well as dual enrollment at my high school and my local community college. [Busy, Busy, Busy]

Soon, my weekends were booked + busy with photoshoots, performances, and other artistic ventures when I was just 16! [Busy body!!] 

A year later in 2020, I had the greatest pleasure to invite the community to my brand, Christian’s Corner! 

Opening in September of 2020, it has been a great pleasure to share my corner of the world with you all.

Growing up with severe Dyslexia and a processing disorder was not easy but Within Christian’s Corner, I want to share with everyone that you can work through it.

A quote by Lady Gaga [my favorite] states,

“You have to be unique and different and shine in your own way.” - Lady Gaga

Shine your owns way, YOU DO YOU! That’s all that matters. 

For the parents, Christian’s Corner is a space where you can come, ask questions, pick my brain, and share stories. 

For the children + young adults, Christian’s Corner is a safe space. Come as you are, stop by, let’s chat!

Much love,



Photographs by Macy Sheaman Photography