Upcoming events at Christian's Corner!


Join us for a fun night at Christian's Corner!

 Christian's Corner is excited to announce our new series of events.

Fall Floral Design Class with the Corner team + Kayla Roberts!

When: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 - 6:30PM

Join us for a fun night! $60 general admission, vase, and flowers included.


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Cleansing, Crystals, & More Class | Never Forgotten Fantasy | OCT. 21, 2021

Cleansing is for everybody, and our class is here to help you
with the fundamental basics, as well as how to expand your
understanding of why and how it is helpful for you and your
space. Cleansing or smudging is a very easy way to clean your
possessions, home, and yourself energetically. We will go over
how you would cleanse your space, and the helpful tools you
will need. We want you to feel empowered at the end of the
class, so we welcome any and all questions and we will be
giving you a cleansing starter kit to take home so you can get
to cleansing your space with ease!

$80 workshop, education, take-home goodies, and more!

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